12 of the Scariest Toys That Were Put on Shelves

We have all (hopefully) had our fair share of toys during childhood, but most of toys of yesteryear are pretty tame compared to some of the toys around nowadays We all know of the standard toys such as GI Joe, the Transformers, and Barbie that brought us tons of happiness, but there are some toys out there that only bring repressed childhood memories. There have been some truly evil toys out there that we have yet to see, but unfortunately, we are about to meet several of them in the list below.

There are evil clowns, monsters, and creepy mannequins, but none of those have the terrifying implications of the toys on this list; these monstrosities look like something out of the Island of Malevolent Misfit Toys. The most terrifying and upsetting of playthings are donated to asylums and incinerators, on their way to create a legacy of nightmares, but sometimes, those hellish creations end up on store shelves, and we have compiled a list of 12 of such terrible trinkets. Here are 12 of the scariest toys that were put on shelves.