The 14 Best Comebacks Via Text of All-Time

Texting has forever altered the way we communicate. In the past, we would call someone for a dispute, and have to think of responses on the spot, completely impulsively with little thought. Nothing is worse than when you think of a great comeback long after someone burns you bad; there are multiple sitcom episodes about that very situation, and everyone knows how long a missed comeback can haunt you for. Technology has come to save the day, however, and since the advent of texting, the era of perfect comebacks is upon us!

The good news is that since we are always texting, you don’t have to come up with a snappy retort right then and there, instead, you can take your time, and text back when you have your dastardly concoction good and ready. The internet is full of some of the best comebacks, and we’re happy they have finally made their rounds to us. Without further delay, here are 14 of the best comebacks via text of all-time.