16 Average Looking Celebs That Cashed in on Fame and Married Knockouts

What do women really want? What do they look for when it comes to their dream guy? While many women claim they’re looking for the complete package, others argue that there’s far more to their dream guy than a wallet full of money, a great personality and devilishly handsome good looks. And, to be honest, we couldn’t agree more!

While celebrities like Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling often get top billing as Hollywood’s hottest men, we couldn’t help but wonder about the regular looking Joe’s who share the spotlight. How have these average looking celebs fared when it comes to their careers and even love? You might be surprised!

Following Cupid’s arrow straight to the red carpet, concert stage and basketball court, we found 16 average (and some below average) looking men who cashed in on fame and married total knockouts! In fact, some of these regular Joe’s hit the jackpot more than once in life after marrying women most men can only dream about! Are you ready to see these “beauty and the beast” matches that are sure to make you a tad bit jealous? Let’s get started with one of music’s greatest legends!