16 Product Names That Scream Fail on All Levels

Companies take a lot of pride when trying to come up with the perfect packaging for their products; an essential part of this process is coming up with a great name that will appeal to a wide audience and have your item flying off of the shelves. Some companies, however, don’t invest into the best translators, so when their products arrive overseas consumers spend more time laughing than buying.

While the quality of these products is probably fine, you’ll likely never buy them to find out; the power of marketing is huge, and these poorly branded products aren’t going to convert a passerby into a customer any time soon. With everyone having access to the Internet now, sharing these marketing blunders is as simple as snapping a photo and uploading it online; they are hilarious, but what are the best product name fails that are still on the shelves today? Here are the top 16 names that failed miserably, and are probably still selling miserable too.