20 Secrets Amazon Doesn’t Want You To Know About Their Shipping Process

Amazon is currently one of the largest companies in the world, shipping (and sometimes producing) goods that make their way to almost every home out there. It takes a lot to make a company like that run, and not all of it is sunshine and rainbows. Those who work in fulfillment centers have given the company some mixed reviews, while also leaving behind some secrets that they don’t think Amazon would want you to know about. Here are 20 of their stories that give you a look into what Amazon’s process is actually like.

20. Get Ready to Move

amazon1 Every day in the Amazon warehouse takes a toll on your body. The average worker reports that just one shift of working includes walking more than the length of a half marathon. Expect to walk at between 15 and 20 miles each shift (nearly ten times what the average American travels on-foot each day and four-times the suggested amount). Amazon employees go well above and beyond the recommended daily amount, which can be tough on the knees, ankles and feet.