20 Ways to Help Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the more common diseases that you’ll see in the United States, with nearly 30 million people diagnosed and nearly two million being diagnosed each year. Almost one out of every four people that has diabetes doesn’t even know it, and it could end up causing severe health problems down the road. If you have diabetes or fear that you might be diagnosed, there are some steps you can take to help manage the condition. Here are 20 things that you should be doing to manage your diabetes.

20. Balance Your Meals

Balanced Meal Portion Each meal that you eat while having diabetes should be well balanced. Each meal should contain a mixture of fruits, vegetables, starch, protein and fat. It’s also vital to make sure that you’re watching what types of carbohydrates that you’re eating as part of these meals. The carbohydrates that you’ll find in healthier foods (such as fruit) are going to be better at managing diabetes. Overall, just keep track of your nutrient intake including vitamins.