25 Surprising Disneyland “The Happiest Place On Earth” Secrets

It’s been called “The Happiest Place on Earth,” so much so in fact, that it was trademarked as such in the 1990s. Disneyland is the first theme park to be built by Walt Disney to commemorate his entertainment empire, which has grown to theme parks around the world since. Still, it’s the original in Anaheim, California that’s the oldest, being built in 1955 under the direct supervision of Disney himself. With millions of visitors each year, you might be able to walk through the park and notice a few small details, but there are some things you’re likely to miss! Next time you go to Disneyland, check out these 20 surprising secrets about the park that you didn’t know!

25. Secret Club

Disney1 If you want one of the most private experiences that all of Disney has to offer, head to New Orleans Square at Disneyland. There, you’ll find a club called Club 33 which is on 33 Royal Street in the square and has just 33 corporate sponsors. Among these are Coca-Cola, Timex and Aunt Jemima. To become a member, you have to get yourself onto the list, and a corporate membership costs $50,000 to join and another $15,000 per year. An individual member will have to pay about $65,000 to get started. Even if you’ve got the funds, we hope you’re patient—it takes more than 15 years to get access!