30 Cancer Fighting Foods

In the United States, cancer is the second leading cause of death with more than 12 million people being diagnosed with the disease on a yearly basis and more than 7 million passing away. Many of these cases of cancer could be prevented by staying at a healthy weight, getting plenty of exercise and eating a vitamin filled diet. If you want to reduce your chances of cancer or even fight a diagnosis, there are certain foods that you should be eating. Here are 30 of the most beneficial foods in fighting cancer.

30. Strawberries

cancer1 Delicious and sweet, this popular fruit is one of the most powerful foods that you can eat in the fight against cancer. Strawberries contain what’s known as ellagic acid and quercetin, both of which were found to prevent certain types of cancer such as skin, esophagus, breast and more. One study found that 80 percent of people with precancerous signs were able to decrease their lesions after just six months.