46 Amazing Places That Actually Exist

Whether you’re from England or France, Australia, China, or the United States, people around the globe share a common love and appreciation for natural beauty. In fact, natural beauty is what unites us all as it doesn’t take a shared language or a long list of similarities to appreciate a breathtaking sunrise, a beautiful field of lowers, a formidable mountain, or a dense forest filled with wildlife. Beauty knows no language and, because of this, is shared around the world in all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes.

When it comes to finding natural beauty, the world certainly has a lot to offer from salt flats and marble caves to vibrant blue lakes, panoramic mountaintop views, and heavenly fields of flowers. That’s exactly what inspired our list of the 46 most amazing places that actually exist! From tulip fields and flower tunnels to ice caves, red beaches, blue lagoons, sand dunes and more, this list will inspire you to add to your bucket list of adventures with some of the most amazing and exquisite places in the world!