46 Amazing Places That Actually Exist

#46 – Tunnel of Love


Where: Klevan, Ukraine
Cost to See: Free
Best Time to Visit: Year-Round

“Gotta ride down baby into this tunnel of love.” While fans went wild in October 1987 when Bruce Springsteen released his hit single, “Tunnel of Love,” the small town of Klevan, Ukraine might have thought “The Boss” was singing about the magical tunnel in their town. Nestled in the heart of Klevan, the Tunnel of Love is one of Ukraine’s most popular tourist destinations… and for good reason!

Linking Klevan with Orzhiv and used as a private railway to deliver wood to a local factory up to three times per day, the Tunnel of Love is approximately 1.8 miles long and is surrounded by luscious green leaves that make it look like a romantic walk straight from a fairytale. Formed from the train passing through its leaves time and time again, the tunnel is a perfect fit for the railroad car but makes for an even more magical walk for tourists and locals. It’s even said that the Tunnel of Love has magical powers over lovers who are true to their feelings and share their love for one another. Because of this, it’s a popular spot for wedding and engagement portraits as couples prepare to celebrate their big day!