Hysterically Funny Failures: 16 News Headlines for the Win

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! From the newsboys of decades past to the headlines of tabloids, we thrive on news of current events, local happenings and the juiciest celebrity gossip.  In fact, in a world of perpetual news feed updates and endless gossip, it’s nice to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and the morning paper on occasion, don’t you agree? At least the newspaper doesn’t tweet or ding, beep or buzz with an update in the wee morning hours!

Despite the majority of news updates coming through smartphones and tablets, newspapers are still being printed and read (we know it’s hard to imagine!). But, where online media has the edge on instant updates, once the newspaper ink is dry, it’s forever printed as yesterday’s news delivered today. With editing at the touch of a button for online news outlets, newspapers have a hard way to go as one error can wreak havoc on an entire story. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 16 hysterically funny failures of news headlines!