The Most Questionable Tattoos of All Time

Getting a tattoo is becoming more and more common these days. Tattoos can come in all shapes and sizes, but very few have any semblance of quality craftsmanship. Though the select few that are quality are works of art on par with what you would find in the Louvre, most tattoos tend to be mistakes. Many tats look like the scribblings of a 5 year old on their very first coloring work, with absolutely terrible linework and the coloring more closely resembles a wound, than “art.” We have poorly done portraits and misspelled passages withing this list, to name a few awful designs. Some of the art in these photos tried too hard to be tasteful, and ended up being a complete mess. Many people get tattoos with the best of intentions: to commemorate a friend or loved one, or even wear their ideals on their “sleeve,” and that’s why it’s such a shame when the end result is nothing more than sludge. Here are 20 photos of tattoos that are not only questionable, but a testament to poor craftsmanship and poor choices.