20 Things Flight Attendants Notice and 5 They Won’t Tell You

Whether you’re an occasional or a frequent flyer, you’ve likely noticed how hard flight attendants work to ensure your flight goes smoothly and everything you need or want is at hand. Generally speaking, flight attendants are known for their impeccable customer service, but they are also trained to do far more than escort passengers to their seats, pour drinks, pass out snacks, or pick up garbage.

Going above and beyond to make sure every passenger is comfortable, flight attendants are trained first responders in the event of an emergency and, as a result, keep a close watch on passengers from the moment they step foot on the plane to the second they leave. So, what do they look for? From eye contact and a quick smile to a passenger’s attire, behavior and ability to follow simple rules, let’s take a look at 20 things flight attendants notice when passengers board the plane. As a bonus, we’ll also share a sneak peek at five things flight attendants won’t tell you about their jobs in the sky!