20 Things Flight Attendants Notice and 5 They Won’t Tell You

#20 – Eye Contact


Trained in everything from hospitality and customer service to safety procedures, flight attendants are the first person passengers see as they board the plane, and rightly so. One of the first things that flight attendants notice is passengers who make eye contact and those who don’t. For many flight attendants, eye contact is their first connection with passengers who have already experienced plenty of stress getting to the airport, checking their luggage, and passing through TSA. Greeting passengers at the door is how flight attendants welcome passengers aboard and get a feel for who’s flying.

“I notice who makes eye contact with me and who doesn’t,” Stephanie Mikel said of Southwest Airlines. “More often than not, the ones who don’t make eye contact make me investigate. Are they scared of flying? Are they feeling okay? Are they dealing with a personal issue? These are things people don’t tell you outright, and a facet of my job is making sure everyone is having a comfortable flying experience.”

Flying Tip: Make eye contact as you board the plane to get your flying experience off on the right foot!